female head gfx time lapse

Hi cuties! I made something kinda cool today B)

Here’s a representation of female heads from the year they peaked in re-edited by me to fit the modern 2020 style. If anyone wants finished versions of these please let me know which ones ❤

creds. lucy gfx,crazy cookie gfx,lyvia gfx,team4gfx and lyra gfx.



Uhh i hate to say this, and i’ve been putting it off because i just barely started my site but, i am officially quitting gfx. i got a new phone and i lost all my files and all the uploads i was working on. i dont have the motivation to get them back, and ive been so busy stressing about school that i really dont have time to do gfx. maybe sometime in the future i will come back, but as of lately ive been too busy and too stressed. Much love xoxo